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1. Bringer Of Storms

Unveiled horror; Hoods pulled back; Carnal snarling; Feast of death; Beg for mercy; Fangs hit flesh; Grief strikes full; Soul devoured; Soul devoured; Once forged from Chaos; A relic of the past; The ...

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2. Chalice Of Black Flames

Hail the twilight, eternal eclipse of the Law; A sombre dawn is drawing near; Steps lead you down into the dark; Chambers below await their prey; Go! Waves of affliction, distress and agony; Languish ...

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3. Crowned & Winged

Wraith! Majesty of desolation; My ruinous path is cold and endless; Peril skulks my haunted fief; One with darkness; Benighted lands my perfect view; All their thoughts of strife and discord; I have n...

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