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1. A War In Heaven

The dead they speak to me at night (Illuminate my mind); They lead me to the hidden door through space and time; I reach the edge of sanity's fray; I pass into the spirit world all behind me fades; As...

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2. Absolute Zero

In a black hole where space and time bends; I've ventured beyond to another dimension; To a time long since forgotten; To a future never seen before; To beginning of mans first thoughts; To the end of...

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3. Midnight Beyond

Awake now my Sun; Omega Nova's begun; Journey beyond the dying dawn; Eclipse the dying stars; (Pre-Chorus); In the breath of God we ride; The Celestial wave of light; Breathe in deep the Aurora fire; ...

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4. Mirror Of Ghosts

God he will come'; The sky it will fall'; Beneath the jagged seas; In the hour glass'; Shadows they dance; And all but nothing lasts; He's come to take your soul; In the land of nothing blows; Come to...

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5. Order Of The Dragon

In 1476 A.D. to the south of Bucharest; A victory is overshadowed; Mistaken for a foe; Vlad Tepes died ruler of Wallacia; Never did they mourn him more; Gazing at the red dawn; Final victory defeated ...

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