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1. Behind The Masks

Where the past and present confounds; Blending reality and illusion; In a turbulent universe of images; Where the pain and suffer invades the soul; Confund all fellings of hate and vengeance, In empty...

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2. Chaos Synopsis

You are in pure chaos; Know that is here; You think that you're alone; Have as company the fear; Look in this turn; Try to understand; It will be in this head; And you cannot forget; Chaos Synopsis; S...

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3. Garden Of Forgotten Shadows

Living in underworld; Being treated as pig shit; Thrashed for he have no power; Ignored for this dirty society; In the place where the shadows lie down; For who is forgotten the suffer finishes; With ...

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4. Inner Wrath

You support his mistakes with cheap lies; Trying to manipulate me like a marionette; In the darkness I see your eyes haunting me; Catching my thoughts and breaking my dreams; Ashes to ashes; Dust to d...

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5. Only Evil Can Prevail

A black star, shine in the sky; The triumph of evil aproximates; Demons rise, on the earth; Spreading pain and suffering; In a sea of lava arises; The rebel angel was set free; And on the earth constr...

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6. Spiritual Cancer

Blinded by faith; You give your life for God; Priests try to control your thoughts; Rotten words washing your mind; SPIRITUAL; You believe in a lie; CANCER; Your cross will be broked; Two thousand yea...

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