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1. Dystopia

Now all your hatred; Is tame and useless; Never question your greed; Slaves are building; The new world; Without faith; Without heart; Cold from inside; Like ice against skin; Now in silence; Found yo...

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2. Faith Of Trauma

Silence; You can't control the silence; Anymore; Bleeding; Is it all that you needed? Becoming; Needles; Shot through your skin, I can feel it; Pulsating; Dead beat; All through your veins you're leak...

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3. For The Rest Of Your Days

Pay the piper; You can't hide it anymore; Your life is unjustified; And your power is the law no more; For the weak have gathered; To strike you down; No more pulling the strings; No more culling the ...

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4. Immense Hate

It must be important to hate; In order to murder your sanity -; Is what you reject; Fear and regret; This mindless deduction; Leads nowhere; Raging, rising, charging; Controlled by immense hate; Break...

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5. Millennial

Houses of god lie on the surface; Waiting for a humanoid; To take them away; So kill for what it’s worth; The blood’s all over the fields now; Ploughing through dead bodies; Sowing the seed; Growing t...

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6. Never Again

Sitting in a cold room; Sands of time dragging down; Slowly into oblivion; Question begs the answer; Curtains closing infront of my eyes; Hiding the truth of lies; I cannot reach through the wall of i...

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7. No One - Nothing

Our souls are always reflecting the eternity; But do you even know which side of the mirror you are on? For is it nor madness that casts us apart; Reveals us to our minds eye; So lose yourself among t...

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8. Petrified Life

Here in the silence I scream; Here is your violent dream; This is not the cause; Nor is this the dream that you fell for; Only plastic cathedrals; Holding plastic idols; Not thinking plastic thoughts;...

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9. To Be A God

45 demons within my head; They all died this morning as I woke up dead; With 6 bullet holes and a broken jaw; My nightmare has only just begun; Everyone has got the martyr instincts; Anyone can wear a...

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10. Tribulation

Facing down to yourself; What is this truth that you bend; Is all that you see all that you feel? What if you’re hurt? How would you heal? I used to know you; You were just like me; Hurting and aching...

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