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1. Astral Plane

No more identity, no more desire; Now weak from dormancy, this heart’s lost its fire; So my incentive died, so I’m demoralised; Asleep behind waking eyes, fading into comatose; Falling through the ast...

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2. At Both Ends

Denied anodyne again; I ask myself the question; Why won't the lights fall? Why won't the darkness come for me? Reliving the day in my head; Starlight seems to scorch my skin; Cabin fever from my bed;...

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3. At The Ringing Of The Siren

I see how you live; You’re so positive in your purpose, your being; While I walk alone, lost in the unknown; With nothing to hold onto; And I can’t help it, I can’t stop it, this constant questioning;...

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4. Beautiful Abyss

Disturbed by the impurity; It’s the scar of this masquerade; There’ll be no more insecurity; Once you pass through this doorway; But you knew more, your soul’s paid for; This endless fight rewarded by...

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5. Blindfold

Four scores and seven years ago; Forefathers died; To fill us with pried; A Nation, Conceived in liberty; All men are equal; But not to economy; If a nation expects to be ignorant and free; Expect wha...

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6. Chasing Shadows

Claustrophobia impending, they’d see through this disguise; Symbols turn and run in horror to ridicule the eyes; Undivided concentration, it fails to bring the gains; Taunted by your own impairment, t...

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7. Disposable

Born into this world, trapped in a body; A carcass of a shell; And on the eighth day of this life; He will be butchered; A father wanting to become righteous; Willing to do anything; Countdown to the ...

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8. Emancipation

Punishing internally; For the pain, but won’t it won’t go away; Loosing your integrity; Become a slave, as the world decays; Let it be known; The flesh and the bone; Will not survive; This deflowering...

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9. Invert Evolution

Forward, it takes us backwards; Forward, it takes us; Beneath these misleading eyes the instinct lies; The instinct you must deny; With only yourself to blame; The circle’s broke, the circle’s broken;...

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10. No Road Home (solastalgia)

Been here before, or have I? Cannot recall; Been here before, but I can’t see what I’m looking for; There’s nothing left, only memories remain; And until the end, I’ll search for my home; Progress hau...

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11. Obsidian Eyes

Look, Up above; In the sky, what do you see? They are taking us; In the night, Far away; Don’t try to hide; You can’t escape their gaze; We would not believe it; We would not believe their lies; We sa...

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12. One Door

We were one and the same; The blood that once passed through your veins now flows in mine; I need someone to blame; Who decided to end this game? It’s much too early right now; As I call out to you; I...

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13. Silence

Fortified from the cries, no need to apologise; We all know that you’ll be sleeping well tonight; Hard as stone down to the bone, a face of fear you can’t condone; Emotions now objectified; A friendsh...

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14. Still Bleeding

Once upon a time I thought that; I had, all the answers; And it seemed that you were; The answer to them all; Falling deeper into darkness; I can’t see the light; What was once I wished for; Now is wh...

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15. The Beaten Path

You should know that it is not my intention; To leave you alone, but if you stay it’s under false pretences; The faces that come, the faces are blackened in me; Look to my past, into your future you w...

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