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1. Arms Of Oblivion

Into the fire that scorches with infamy; Hail the flesh with the most impressive majesty; Overstated; Decimated; Luring hopes to their doom; Show affection created with make believe; Sustain illusions...

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2. Corpsepaint Cavalry

Here comes the corpsepaint cavalry; Spreading the words of tradegy; Embrace the cold, avoid the sun; Cause the march of the penguins has begun; Quality sounds are what we fear; Horrid production, huge...

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3. D.f.a

Cowards, infidels, wont see this our way. All those fools know our belief is a deadly social decay. With invisible weaponry, human fear, hypocrisy, This new era will give birth, our diabolic democracy...

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4. Mindfuck

Follow me, you will be, my disciple of vice; Never have, never will, compliment your sacrifice; Keep you weak, with deceit, death threats and sadness; What a shame, entertain, my nihilistic madness; W...

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5. Primal Uprising

Ages spent in agony, hanging by a thread. Justice, pride, smoked out with a hail of lead. Generations turned to dust, leaders selling souls. Pinned down, gunned down, against the wall. Politics stuffe...

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