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1. Amor de Mi Vida

Quiero en este momento de sentimiento que llena todos mis sueños e inspira mi ser; Mirar en tus negros ojos, y adentro ver, en todo color brillante, nuestro amanecer; Todo lo dulce del hogar te quiero...

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2. Crazy

There are so many ways to say je t'aime; but only you know how to love me in that way; you please me in ways I think I'm dreamin'; on my mind 24 hours; please tell me this will never change; wh...

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3. Feels Like Love

How much do we need; to see how lucky we are; how long do you think it will last; forever could be the start; open your eyes, don't let us slip away; touch every moment and feel; does it feel like lov...

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4. Forever

I dreamt this day in every way; since i was a little girl; we'd be friends holding hands; 'till the end; you’re one of a kind; you're the dream that came true; from the candles i blew; you bring out t...

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5. More

Somethin' about you that makes me want; to give all I got, and I just can't stop; you're like an addiction, the cravings so strong; I know you can please me, but tell me how long; no... this isn't lov...

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6. Music Of The Moon

Every night they wait to hear the music of the moon; they believe that when they hear it love will last forever; so they light the candles on the beach; where they dance together cheek to cheek; stars...

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7. Nunca Será Igual

Ella vivía para ti; te quería; sin palabras, sus ojos hablaban solamente a ti; amaba besarte, y mirarte reír; amor, amor sin igual; cómo extraño no verla más tu mundo iluminar; nunca será igual; memor...

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8. Peace

You came like the sunshine; your life became my world; a world I always dreamt of; with a boy or a girl; every moment is a picture; each word’s a perfect sound; in your eyes I see the future; and I pr...

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9. Take A Chance

I know you’ve been watching me; tell me why your hiding... are you scared; scared to look in my eyes... and feel; feelings, that you never had; are growing, and you cannot hold them back; your loosing...

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