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1. Black Flowers

Dead flowers turning black; Ain't seen the white light; Feels like I'm stuck in the ground; Somehow erase the sound; Dead flowers back from the dead; My skin it feels allright; Black flowers once dead...

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2. Hammerhead

Hes waving whit promises propaganda is brought to you; His smile is misleading pulling you within; Everyone is dying he just keeps on smiling; As the ground turns red its the hammerhead attack; He's r...

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3. Help

Help strangers bearing down on me; Help no one else can cry for me; Help what is going wrong with me; Help, Help; Help why can no one ever see; Help that fate has left a scar on me; Help I'm looking f...

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4. Hot Summer

Outside the whole world is falling; It's really summer, really you have burned your skin; Outside the god damn world is burning; Really hot summer, really your have burned yourself; Just look a...

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5. Multi Flower Nursery

I'm stuck to you, I'm in your hands; Your patient of experiment; Get a grip a bloody scene; My veins my body full of morphine; I belong to you; Multi flower nursery; Medicines with herbal shit; I don'...

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