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1. Do Little Things

[Featuring Ivan Matias]; See the birds as they fly away; Making htings for another day; And the hearts of the lonely ones; Found in you they can trust; There goes the light again; But the light you sa...

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2. G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.

I been feeling kinda strange lately; I don't know what`s going on, baby; Ever since I came back from out of town; Something's telling me some bullshit is going down; 1 - Boy is it someone else you're ...

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3. Goin' Nowhere

featuring Tracey Lee; [Changing Faces]; Chillin' at home thinking about what we gon' do; What are we in this for; Cuz we ain't in love no more no more; Wasting my time trying to fill up yo' appetite; ...

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4. Ladies Man

Hey, hey, yo is this thing on? Oh, for a second there I thought that I was; Was the only one whose man put; His car before his girl, Put his friends before the relationship, But i guess these are the ...

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5. Stroke You Up

Relax baby, I'm gonna make you feel real good; Tonight is your night, come here; Let's get this shirt off; Now tell me what you like; Cause I make it everything you want; Now come closer; Uh-uh closer...

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6. That Other Woman

I can’t be that other woman (x2); You only see me every Friday night at 9; Can’t imagine whatchu told her this time; U never take me to a public place; Worried that somebody might notice your face; Fi...

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