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1. Craving Romancer

Craving Romancer; Love had a thing for the hidden disaster; If you catch my drifter; I gave up th core when I tried to create her; Shit's living much faster; Love is going nowhere for me; I'll hiss th...

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2. Fudge

Fudge; Now the light is out and the heat is gone; I don't know where I am; But I'm not gonna break down; I'm feeling useless now and kinda rejected; Love has failed again; But can't have a break down;...

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3. Go On

Go On; You broke my head; In two; When they said; No one likes you; Have your fingers done; And your money; I'll just pick you up; And get on you; Never blaze away for the goddamn stars; Never realize...

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4. Kill The Human

Kill The Human; ; I can't feel my fist; I can't see my wrist; I'm holding on but; The blood keeps flowing; I try to stop but the road is still going; All this time and my scars are still showing; Its ...

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5. Rough Mix

Rough Mix; If this is meant to challenge me; Then I'll go all the way; Into the deep end; Where all the forces fade away; Provoke my every gut; Cause I wont get enough; Stop this nonsense; And bulletp...

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6. Scenes

Scenes; Serious soul - She never told; What was wrong - He has no hope; Silence sounds - The night is cold; Now it happens - She cuts the rope; His heart has stopped - She's moving on; His eyes are em...

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7. The Lord Is A Monkey

The Lord Is A Monkey; Tremors breeding in your head; They're gonna take what's theirs to grab; The time is up and you're awake; You'll get so sick your mind will break; Your'e riding on the rollercoas...

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8. The New Eden Attitude

The New Eden Attitude; Play this game; Scream my name; New Eden has flames; You'll never be the same; Sexual anarchist; Feel the love from her fist; Straps on that stuff and; Don't like it? Just prete...

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9. Vicious

Reaching out for love got busted; Draining out my heart dry blood; Realize I'm too damn easy; Been there done that now I am; Vicious and she knows it; I cannot recall; Vicious down and lying; I will n...

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