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1. Agony

Once upon a time; There was this creature right inside me; Trying to take over my life; Boy, your such a pussy; But I swear I saw the knife; Or a gun? I can't recall, I was too high; My sight was blin...

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2. Better Land

I feel strange; I feel shame; Time is gone flashing by my eyes; Although time can't always bring back all your cries; What is going on? I want to know right now; No said it was fun; You expected every...

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3. Carne

Vendi minha carne pra pagar um sonho raso; Vendi minha carne pra pagar por um fracasso; O peso desse alarde ainda sinto no meus braços; Vendi minha carne e encontrei com meus pecados; Pisa, areia move...

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4. colorBLIND

I tend to overflow the space; To reminisce about the time that I self trained; My mind to clear it all and keep on unashamed; Immoral case based on such a big disgrace; My swallowed head screams pleas...

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5. Density

Side by side; we got into this ride; and where it goes we just don't know; side by side; is how we say goodbye; and all our guts just disappear; clean consciousness at least; i took this weight out of...

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6. Imaginary Lover

I see you there; Oh you're looking fine; From that day till now; I still can't classify; Until I find out who you really are; I won't really loose it up to you; Time went by and I'm still laying by yo...

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7. Limbo

Tenho problemas com paredes brancas; Já cansei de mudar; todos os móveis de lugar; Miséria quer companhia; Vem brincar comigo; Vem ser meu amigo hoje; Só por uma noite não; Me deixe mais dormir sozinh...

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