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Girl, we ain’t got a lot to talk about
But I’m just glad we’re not in the quarantine hut
So let’s get what we can get while the getting’s good
Before these poxes get us boxed and buried in the dirt
I wish I had some different drugs, study drugs
Ritalin or something good for concentrating, motivating
Down at the scientist club, they’re drinking up
They know that there’s no cure. It’s just a matter of time
You can catch up on your homework on your own time
When you come to my home you work for me
I’m yours, you’re mine, that’s the equation
If I can work this out I’ll get a Nobel prize
You’re just an I.O.U.
More work for me to do
You’re just a notch on my belt
A trophy to brag about
I hope I get what you got
I want it on my permanent record
If the vaccine’s sweet then the side effects be damned
How’m I gonna resist it when it’s right here in my hand
I’ll take a placebo if it gets the same results
Stand in front of a jury and be tried as an adult

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