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1. Blackouts

Things between us stay right here; We broke the lamps; We punched in holes to the walls; Got stitched up; Forgot it all; Can I kick it; Can I kick it; Can I kick it again? I bet that we could take it ...

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2. Bombs Over Baghdad

Bam! Pow! While you’re waiting to hear mortar fire, check this out:; The valedictorian is back in town, and he’s missing an arm! “Remember when we danced to; ‘Bombs Over Baghdad’ at the high school pr...

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3. Brand Loyalty

You’ve gotta have sympathy for the bomb; As it’s falling to the ground; Locks go down; What’s the lifespan of this town? You’ve lived here all your life and you’re still scared; Congratulations on you...

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4. Crash Course In Crashing

We crushed ourselves, So the broken bones, Well that’s on me. We can tip toe around–; Race without a sound. From North Carolina to the seven seas. Cast the sails higher pick up speed. And we’re going ...

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5. Crushed City

This city's got a crush on me; The driest romance of the century; An arctic plea to fallen stone; A disconnection notice on the phone; You’re all lined up like you’ve got something to prove; Are you w...

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6. Death Museum

Whitewash the walls; Of the shopping malls; Until they gleam gleam gleam; Like a death museum; Mount and display; The ones who got in the way; Of the bulldozer’s path; A war memorial to the enemies of...

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7. Input The Output

That seven year itch became; a life-long twitch and now I'm; agoraphobic to the bone; Anxiety pipe bomb of worthless steel and fading charm; Don't try to act like you don't know; A secret meeting time...

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8. Sweet Vaccine

Girl, we ain’t got a lot to talk about; But I’m just glad we’re not in the quarantine hut; So let’s get what we can get while the getting’s good; Before these poxes get us boxed and buried in the dirt...

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9. The Angry Engineer

We're graveyard-bound; On a hijacked train; We’re sitting down; Standing up and sitting down again; Everyone inside is scared; They're holding hands to handle screams; They're singing aloud; Or readin...

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10. The Indictment

Physician! Physician! Why don’t you heal yourself? Technicians! Technicians! Tear your tools from their shelves. Plastic surgery is needed immediately. We’ve got to look our best for the inquest. Just...

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11. The Tree Surgeon

Extend a branch to make amends like trees that grow and know no end. Like trees that forget that if they spread their branches too far they will kill everything. You could grow so tall; You could live...

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12. The Trojan Horse

Should have quit drinking, smoking, popping pills; Or whatever it was that kept you paying your bills; Should have headed for the hills; Should have been paying attention when they marched in; When th...

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13. This Is Only A Test

Subject belongs to test group A; So sing me a lullaby of sea songs; Chinatown will wake up alright; Hardly the specimen to resist; An average mistress wears my shoes; Painted faces in my room black an...

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14. Unemployment

I’ve got holes in my pockets and; It gives me a headache; I clench my fists, try to will them both away; Can I get a cigarette? I need a new habit; My old ones just don’t seem to cut it anymore; Why r...

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15. Victim Of Changes

Wrote your name in cement with a stick. You think it’s going to stick,but they’ll just sandblast it away eventually and you’ll be forgotten, like everyone else. Thick as a brick,dumb as a post. The on...

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