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Letra da Música Surprise de Chairshot

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He's black, I'm white
What does it matter?
No wrongs, No rights
It don't make a difference
Life's short why hate
It just leads to problems
Forget, Forgive
It makes life better

We've tried to live in hate, Surprise it doesn't work
We've tried to segregate, it left us in the dark
It's not hard to get along, and to live in peace
Forget color and race, cause they don't matter in the least

Hatred is for the ignorant
Hatred is self-destructive
Hared makes no sense
Hatred does no good at all

This countries conception, Built on the slaughter of Indians
This countries economy, was built on the backs of slaves
So many injustices, So many times we compromised
We're not different, look through those lies.

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Número de Palavras 107
Número de Letras 715
Intérprete Chairshot

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