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1. Botsob

There's no where to go; There's nothing to do; Can't stay out late living in your zoo; I can't have no friends; I can't have no fun; So where do I go; When I refuse to run; There's blood on the street...

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2. College Casualty

You went away your parents paid; Time to drink, smoke weed, and get so laid; Watch your morals and your faith fade; Joined their game and then you played?how sad; He's a college casualty that's all he...

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3. Livin' Free

You got nothing on me; I ain't the one you're looking for; Walking done the street; I'm just trying to have fun; You hate me; You're tiny brain makes you; Why don't you leave; Cause you ain't wanted h...

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4. No Home

I'm walking alone; In a faceless crowd; No one can hear me; And I'm screaming loud; If I do fall; Will it make a sound; Does it even matter; Six feet underground; Was it all worth it, did I waste my t...

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5. Surprise

He's black, I'm white; What does it matter? No wrongs, No rights; It don't make a difference; Life's short why hate; It just leads to problems; Forget, Forgive; It makes life better; We've tried to li...

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