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1. Act Of Malevolence

Divine mutilation; Mass death coming; At an alarming rate; Groups of useless people to terminate; Chopped heads roll; When I kill I ask myself; What would Satan do; I hid behind a bloody mask; Made of...

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2. Bringer Of Unholy Horror

Bringer of horror; Mass death and mayhem; Ghastly sites of carnage; Hellish murder so terrifying; Living in a violent Rage; Mankind is quickly dying; Bloodshed and war; Chaos growing out of control; B...

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3. Chainsawlust

I just got a new chainsaw; I can't wait to kill someone; Teeth sharpened ready to grind; The look of evil in my eyes; I'll leave corpses brutalized; Dismembered and thrown about; Two feet of gruesome ...

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4. Let The Mutilation Begin

Massive hatred anger building; Urge to butcher on the rise; Victim taken by surprise; See the fear in her eyes; Chased down fast multiple stabbings; Knife impaled deep in the spine; Lacerating vital o...

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5. Mangled In Your Casket

Roaming around the cemetery; Searching for a stiff to unbury; The perfect corpse to unearth; Digging through rock and dirt; Break open the casket lid; Decomposing odor of pungent death; Maggots crawli...

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6. Morbid Memories

I piss on your grave; Thinking back to when you died; It was such a grisly homicide; You are found gutted and decapitated; Stripped naked savagely mutilated; Insects eating your flesh; It was horrible...

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7. Relentless Massacre

Save me from this torturous hell; I don't want to live no more; In this world of shit; Erase the pain from my mind; If I don't die someone else will; There's always a victim to kill; I suffer so shoul...

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8. Silent Violence

I cut your throat, wide, opening; A hole in your neck; Your blood sprays my skin warm and wet; You can't feel your heart beating; Scream no one is listening; I cut your tongue from your mouth; Dying, ...

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9. Slaughterbarn

Deadly weapons metal slashing; Dangerous psychopath attacking; Sharp blades carving flesh; Fatal stab wounds meet your death; Piercing lungs ruptured entrails bleed; Lying dead and mutilated; Soon the...

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10. Slaughterhouse

Deserted house of morbid death; Chopped up bones and rotting flesh; All that enter will be killed; Cleaver splits your head in two; Grinding up flesh; Blood splattered death; Corpses hang from sharp t...

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11. Stab

Night of terror; Brutal Murder; Psycho killers; Endless Slaughter; Eviscerated; Throats will be slit; Cut, chopped and hacked; Stabbed in the back; Calls of terror; Game of horror; Fuck up, you die; G...

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12. They Call Me The Butcher

Hacked torsos are stuffed; Into large plastic barrels; Freezer full of female organs; Half eaten uterus on a plate; Rotting corpses brutally raped; Gutted and slowly mutilated; Severed heads are boile...

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