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1. Cities Part 1

If I want I could move these walls past my door to a better place; I feel like there's a wind that could catch all my fingers, fly away; Past towers of iron and cement touching sky over rivers contine...

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2. Eama Hut

I lock away that familiar pain in a place so that it's safe and; I put on a face that misleads the ones close to me; Tucked inside treasures of mine sit patiently waiting for the perfect time; My self...

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3. Last Chance To See

I bet you were right; With everything you wrote; And the essence of your words; Is what keeps a mind alive; There were gods and monks and bablefish; But in the end it's you and me; You chose the stars...

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4. Never Leave The Past Behind

Assassination, stolen planes an', greed that always sets it off; Religious crimes, guided minds, bombs that drop don't land soft; Name your price and start whatever fight your looking for, it's at you...

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5. She Looks Like You

All I see each night in dreams; Is a beautiful illusion; A figment of my heart; Haunting me, so close but never there; But I can feel her; My secret counterpart; And she looks like you; That's all I k...

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