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1. Another Now

Minute are like water; They slip right through your fingers; As we go running here and there; At the speed of life; A world of good intentions; Gets brushed off in an instant; Why does it take a mount...

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2. Carried Away

Ridin around with the windows down; Seein what we can see; You in the passenger seat, next to me; Bobbin along with your flips flops; Tappin to your favorite song; Singin and laughin, floatin free; We...

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3. Hood Of My Car

I'm gonna miss; Your sunkissed skin; Those hazel eyes; The taste of your lips; All summer long; You and I; Spent every lazy; Prairie night; Sittin' on the hood of my car; Under an endless blanket of s...

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4. Hope

We march as one in a scattered line, A world of doubt and some shattered minds. I know there'll be that moment we find our way. ; Right now I'm facing a changing time. The air is thick, but illusions ...

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5. Lay Down The Tailgate

Girl that clock on the wall is wasting time; Like it's turning too fast leaving us behind; Don't need a ticket on a plane to get away; What do you say? You can call in sick babe and we could be gone; ...

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6. Leave Here Dying Young

Yeah he's the youngest man I know at 65, A little slower than he used to be but there's a fire in his eyes, He's got a few more wrinkles on his face,and grey hair's finally found it's place, But when ...

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7. Love Me or Leave Me

Some days we're as good as it gets, Some days all the pieces fit, Sometimes there's a fire in your kiss. Some days you're an inch from good-bye, And you get that look in your eye when you just want a ...

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8. Re-Write Yesterday

When I look back, my life reads like a book. I can't believe I'm standing here, all the chances that I took. The good and bad along the way, I wouldn't change a single page, If I could re-write yester...

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9. Smoke In The Rain

I'll grab my boots from under your bed; Be gone before you even know I left; I'll catch the door before it slams; But girl you probably don't even give a damn; I'll roll the truck out of the drive; Go...

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10. The Best That I Can (Superhero)

If I was a superhero, Baby I would save you from the world outside, the world outside your door. And I could fly faster than the speed of light to you; And I could be there when you needed me; to hold...

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