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1. Frayed

White; Faces; Follow behide me; Openly; Conspiring; To enter my dreams; A place; Sacred; Hard to leave behide; Solitude; A stranger's face; In my mind; I fail to lead; A lie i cant believe; Chemical h...

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2. Hollow

Verse:; For many years; I have marveled; At the agony behind your eyes. You possess a deeper well of tragedy; Drink deep and be consumed by mine. ; Chorus:; Wash this; Blood from my hand; I feel so ho...

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3. Transient

The stars are out tonight; And I don't know where you are; I've never felt this lost before; The moon is a desert; A million miles away; Whose cold breeze devours endless days; There was no sign; Not ...

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4. Undying

Verse:; We are divided; Into the ether; These souls collide; Yet there's nothing to grasp; All bonds to be broken; Just a shaft of light; To expel the visions; And save us from the past; Chorus:; Take...

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