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Letra da Música A Song For the Immortals de Cerimonial Sacred

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Spirits that cry
Voices mixed with the darkness on the open outside
Graves and worms that tear flesh apart
Screams outside bring me the rumors of the end of all work
Just as it will do in the sad song of a poet
Stood outside, his sad face observes me, his action
The punishment that brings me the peace
with tears were shed
I don't listen to the sing of the birds ans the Angel
in a sad gesture leaned his wings
Afraid of the down, I cry, and it is raised of sentencer
post in the tribunal of holy office
This is the hour that crowds will walk under the light
of whose name had already been pronounced in Heaven
I make a song for the immortals longing the
conquer of eternety
Purified by the inquisitor fire, I'm washed by the flames
of the decide one contemplation
In my torments I glorify myself about my actions

Sentenced to death a big bonfire was lit for me
Martirized by the pope demency, the crowed of
violence start with its followers ready
The tyrant manifests it self, I'll keep my duty
I'll follow as a sheep to be degolated
in a slaughterhouse I arrive to the place of my sorrow
praying all the time

They set the fire and I hand in my soul
to the one I served in hope of an eternal reward
And on the highest grave I see a tree with his open wings
And once more, if was written: Rest in Peace

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Número de Palavras 227
Número de Letras 1192
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