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1. Anybody Hear Me?

It's alway night, I'm afraid all the time; I can see the sick world. I'm alone here; I'm fed up with all this, I feel very bad; How many years is it, I've already forgotten you; How long am I to be he...

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2. Disease In Your Head

When you start thinking; Look what's going on; It can't be like that any longer; Come to your senses; Your situation - it's a destination; This situation - wants intervention; Disease in your head; Yo...

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3. Do You Understand

Day after day; I'm looking for a way; You must pray; But I still stay; Frightened face; What is this place; Lost case; Who's gonna win the race; The tyrant burial ground; Do you understand? Blackened ...

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4. That's All You Can Do

Today somebody's face is watching me; I'm scared because I'm alone; Evil is spreading all over the world; We have to fight it I just know; I must fight the fear inside of me; Please help me; It's comi...

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5. Zero

Can anyone live in honesty? That question is tormenting me; Hypocrisy and hatred; That's today's world; I'm zero - I sit silently and I don't stand out; It's waste of word's, no one listens to me; I'm...

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