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1. 8 (captured)

You're captured in the world; of existence, in the cage; of your illness. You're captured in the cage; of yourself. ; They took your power to walk. They took your arms. You're living in a different wo...

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2. Braincell

It's a substance which is in your head. It makes you sick, it makes you weak. It begins to decompose your brain. ; Your motor activity starts; to deteriorate. You're out of control. You're sick in bra...

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3. Illusion

Where is the paradise? Where is it? What means paradise? Does it exist on earth? What do you think of it? For one of us it's to be; a human being; who doesn't know any worry; or fear. Who's not intere...

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4. Peace Of Mind

The head is going round. The blood is cooking. The accumulator is overloaded. You're longing for peace of; mind despairingly. But the result is stress. Stress because of work. ; Peace of mind - silenc...

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5. Pedophile Man

The child is captured. ; The child is suffering by his; psychological pressure. Captured in fear and pain. Why? A broken mind. A broken heart. His childhood is destroyed. His life is destroyed. The ch...

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6. Right To Die

You've got not right to lead; the state. You've got no right to change; the system. Nobody is interested what; you feel. They ignore your voice. ; The time is come. The time of tension between; rich a...

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7. Teufelskreis

Du wurden gezogen in den Bann des Lebens. In den Bann, wo du glaubst, es ist dein Wille. Du setzest Ziele und strebst; nach Verlangen deinerselbst. Du baust auf dich und träumst. ; Doch der Stuhl, auf...

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8. The Other World

It's a game of marionettes. It's a game of destruction. The game of the world. ...the world. ; We are toys of the politicians. We're not the white field; on the game of chess. We are not a number. Alt...

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9. Under Pressure

It's a medicine for the body. It's the substance of sport. Isn't also the substance; for achievement. ; ...for your ego and the victory? You've got to win; that's your aim. You make heavy demands; on ...

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