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1. Ensystemated

What is that? System determines the rules; System - chaos without it; System: Life? Suffering? Both? Do you feel like the sheeps? You aren't mistaken; Go to your flock quickly! System: Life? Suffering...

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2. Germ Of Error

Sit down and die! I'm glad you understood your surroundings; Understood and didn't let know; And who will instruct us "the best knowing"? Wealthy? Bliss? Love? Suffering? Hardship? Solitude? Rise and ...

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3. Impartial

Lie or truth that you don't belive in; Pain of desperation; Sadness hidden behind reserved needs; Anger is like hot water; Truth or lie that you rise up yourself; To have pleasure from life; Not think...

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4. It In Itself

I must write to not forget it; I must dance to not get stunted; I understood nothing but have been renowned as genius; Glazed windows and shod soles; We embrace but struggle; Our considerations are qu...

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5. Jump From The Fire

You said, you'd put your hand in the fire for me; So, put it in! I wanna see your skin burnt

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6. Maybe There

You lie next to me but I feel like you're not here at all; I've known you since childhood but all of a sudden you've changed; Is that even you? A chill goes up my spine when I look into your eyes; The...

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7. Mushroom Hell

Where did the light go? Why is it dark now? Suddenly it's as quiet as a graveyard not a sound to be heard; How can I hear whistling inside my head? I don't hear myself speak so where do all the voices...

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8. Obscure Meaing Of Infinity

Wasted energy in neverending space; A second is part of eternity which is only the thought of time; Imagination never ends and nothing is part of it; Barriers don't exist either; There's only a circle...

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9. On The Edge Of Tolerance

I don't want anything from you; Leave me alone! Let me live my way! I'm a person like the rest of you; Not dangerous, just different; You turned me into an animal; Trying to make me listen to your rul...

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10. Only One

You're shining, heating, you are life; But to approach you is death; Like windstorm you've flown through my mind; Spreading the disaster nevertheless I wish to see you again; Salvation or fate? You kn...

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11. Sportorico

You can't live without it; It's like fuel which drives you; You risk more and more and care for anything no more; As more danger as better; Have you ever remembered those who care for you? Try to perc...

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12. The Others

An empty room full of shadows; Voices resonate from eight corners; You don't want to find out - avoiding questions, ignoring surroundings; You search against your will; Where are they hiding? It gnaws...

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13. The Strach Na Vruble

Season in valley and hunched person fumbling in mist, talking to itself; Where to look in? Where to seek the path to get back? Let me absorb vanity of being as far as tips of hair; To rise next day co...

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