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1. Bloody Ecstacy

Here comes the omnipotent, bloody, arrogant and most supreme demigod, Seeking another propitiatory victim that satisfy my pressing anxieties, To slice viscose and visceral vital organs, the flavour of...

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2. Dismembered

Great nauseas overrun his body, and feels that something that is wringing inside, devours him slowly; I think my metabolism is changing (be)cause my veins arouse and my sweat becomes into blood; He sh...

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3. Forthcoming Cannibalism

The inevitable final hour approaches due to our wrought apocaliptic yearning; Result of our hate, our madness, our wickedness and our inexorable destiny; All the seas dyes with our blood, the mountain...

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4. Homicide And Justified Medicine

Pushed by the physiological and corporal need, should submit to the methods of the most rigorous and cruel hangmans and white dressed murderers, tortured and mutilated, postrated as a distressed parap...

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5. Sodomized By Dady

Unnatural sexual attraction, paternal lust, maximum degree of the hidden and dark perversion, quintessence of the bigger censored, clandestine and inherent human baseness; This paedophilic desire make...

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6. The Inescapable Bond Of The Necromancer

Forgotten voices that nobody hears, tormented voices hurting and conteptous voices that assault me and torture me sadisttycally; Possesor of a gift that haven't requested, bond between the imperceptib...

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7. Violence In Motion

Conditioned by the violence from the birth, myself determines agressive my future, rebounding and affecting to a pugnacious existence; Torture, opression, hate, blood, pain, devastation, death, apocal...

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