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1. Dirty City

Hunger under the bridge; They don't do anything; Propaganda without rest; Promisses but not progress; Trowing paper on the street; Destroying our place of live; Making joke with our pride; Buying vote...

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2. East Side Thrashers (Exsxt)

Um ideal na cabeça; Vontade e determinação; Construindo nossa cena; Sem depender de nenhum cuzão; Nossa força de vontade; Quebrando todas as barreiras; Garotos do lado leste; Estourando suas cabeças; ...

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3. Face Reality

Face reality, you' re doing all wrong; Unecessary fight, is what you have done; All brutality, comes from ignorance; Separate ways, they will leave you again; With they eyes closed; (They stand still)...

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4. From Lust To Dust (Intro)


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5. Get Thrashed Ör Die Trying (Instrumental)


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6. Human Extinction

Chaos and death; It's all I see; I can't see the light; World is a prison; People diyng; Is it the end? There is no more lies; Fear or pain; Son of hate; Fury arise; Hell is awaiting you; And it's not...

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7. October 12th

Where is my gift; Rotten corpses on the street; A naive kid of my age; Being victim of a carnage; There's no laws on town; Only cops putting us down; Blood spills like a shower; At the silent midnight...

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8. Together We Destroy

Spreading fire, spreading power; Give you all what they need; Volume is higher, it's our desire; The circle spin into the pit; Forget the hate, it is your fate; Forget the problems of your life; We're...

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9. Worms Incorporated

A teardrop is rolling; Blood, shootwave and mess; Worms at school's door; They shoot on the fugitive back; Roll the barrel on anyone; Like they're doing a normal thing; One more body on the floor; Chi...

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