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Practiced and perfected in the art of meticulous butchery
Wielding my instruments with exquisitive accuracy
I prepare my victim for execution and begin this fatal sequence
Methodically administering the first two strokes
I fervently remove my victim's eyebrows
And pare the shoulders to the bone.
Her breasts are subsequently amputated
Again wielding my blade beneath the skin
I carve away the flesh between her hands and elbows
Systematic excoriation of dermal husk.
The next abhorrent carvings leave my victim
Bereft of the flesh of her upper arms,
While that covering her thighs is instantly sliced off
A mound of lacerated flesh begins to accumulate beside her
However, this intricate task is not yet complete,
I proceed to viciously sever the calf muscle from each leg
And with one vehement thrust
Plunge my blade into her heart, savoring her final throes.
Though now butchering a corpse,
I continue to mutilate this horrendously disfigured wretch,
Fervedly decapitating the perfidious
Fated to become limbless.
Her mangled body deprived of all extremities,
Reducing what was once a women
To nothing more than a collection
Of serrated flesh and blood soaked stumps.

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Número de Palavras 162
Número de Letras 1089
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