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Letra da Música Embryonic Gastronomy de Cephalotripsy

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I eat dead infants
Disintered from the womb
Of the dead pregnant
Stretching, the womb widely abroad
Displaying her insides
I examine the abdomen in
Search of a meal to eat.
Tepid Celioparacenthetic sludge
Emulsifies my throat
Grappled from chains, I rip
From groin to gullet
Divesting multed flesh, while
Stripping the innards
From this dripping infant
I rip off the head
Strip it of flesh
Disarticulate the limbs
Then dismember this mess
With nails only I finger it's torso
Disemboweling this pile of slop
I begin to gorge on viscera
Vein and melena
Bleeding profusely,
This feast doesn't stop.
Pulverizing this stillborn's
Home for nine months
My throat fills as I begin to retch
Disgorging pulp of
These fetal remnants
I lie soaking in a pool of stench.

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Número de Palavras 100
Número de Letras 759
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