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1. Blood For Satan

Liquid jewelry; It gathers in red; As I slit my arms; To release the fiend inside myself; Watch my hands of Sodom; Claws of devine self - slaughter; Torn is my flesh; Just like the sould inside it; To...

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2. Cross Of Fury

Where else can I go with my hate? Molesting my skin, I struggle to bleed; No longer to bear the rage in me; Am I an assassin to be ? Why not kill the ones without a will ? Why not burn the house of go...

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3. In The Name Of Chaos

Cursed am I to be caught in flesh; Caught in cancer; Caught in god?s creation; Trapped with god?s followers; Born in the stink of god; Smell the rot of god; HAIL CHAOS GODS !!! HAIL SERPENT SOULS !!! ...

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