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1. Above Them All

I have got secrets, but no one to share them with; They might go away if you don't let me in. Sober and speechless, alone on the floor again; It's been so long, where to begin. ; Head down. rise up. b...

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2. Bitter Pill

Chew it up, spit it out, get a little taste; Such a bitter pill in a sugar case; Something more? something less? tell me what's next; Why can't I peal off the blindfold? Realize, rearrange, gotta chok...

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3. Coraline

Meet coraline; Seems an average girl to the wise. Soft hair, innocent eyes, Perfect lips for perfect lies. ; She tells them she's fine , How nice it must be; To think that they're blind or that they j...

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4. Coward

I don't understand you, There's no motivation. The world could be ending, before you start the day. Stop there, I've heard the excuses before. ; Your dream, lacks passion; When these eyes; Are open th...

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5. Jaded

A walking sleep through the dark apple valleys. Infectious creeps in the labyrinth alleys. A deal is made every minute every hour. The thrill of the chase has long since turned sour. The drugs you tak...

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6. Point Of no Return

Watch and wave goodbye; It's a hopeless feeling; To know that you and I; Are left in a world that's reeling; Out of control; We shouldn't fight it; Drop into the bowl; We'll pull through bit by bit; W...

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7. Remember Me

Now that I'm not alone; And I'm beyond your control; I hope you found what you wanted, You won't get it from me. Like your soul, you've lost your mind. Cross your fingers, hold your breath; I'm sure y...

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8. Take Cover

Old, cracked and rusted, dream machine; It's all turned to static. Strike match, light fuse, combustion. No time to panic; I'm not your enemy, I'm not what you adore. I'm not your neighborhood friendl...

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9. The Rip

They say love is like a cloud, Yours was a damp shallow grave. Did you cry or were you too proud? I hope you get what you gave. I held us up and the weight pushed me down; So this is the price we must...

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10. Whatever Ever After

The calming warmth of a golden sky; Brings dreams to roaming minds and tears to weathered eyes; The child quickly grows and gets wise to the word insanity; In time it may be told that we destroyed wha...

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