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1. Dreamin'

Look up to the sun, see you; Spread your arms, find you; What means this feeling; I had tonight; This lovely temptation; So bright; I can't stop dreamin'; I can't stand believin'; That you make a step...

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2. Echo Of An Empty Shell

For you; It was just a means to an end; To still your inner discontent; Always at the expense; Of those cast aside; Played with the feelings of those; Despairing lost and destraught; Scarred by your s...

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3. Ending Calls

Dark was the light and so cold was the world; Screams in the distance they're telling you; truthly that your time has come; Are you paralyzed? Hearing my voice and your name; Are you hypnotized? Or ar...

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4. Game Of Life

Left foot forward keep up the pace; If you can't you fall the race; Have to achieve more and more; No time to stop no time to think; No time to think at all and all; So we have gone too far without a ...

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5. Got To Believe In Love

Saturday night in your eyes; And you know work is done; Sunset will break this day; And the night of passion comes; See the lights in the city; The breeze blows up your mind; A feeling that makes you ...

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6. Hiding The Shadows

There's a place - where your master awaits you; Far away in the vast unknown; Walk with him - the ways into freedom; Take the way to your eternal show; He there will lead you; Will not mistreat you; H...

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7. Introspection

I am the beholder, I have beauty for the eye; If you can't see, are you blind; Are lower beings, showing you the way; Showing you the way; No more pair, the feeling all laid numb; So introspective, we...

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8. Invaders

A thousand of echoes; Reflecting from cold walls and torturing your ears; Smelling the smoke, remembering; The children with eyes full of tears; There's no stone of stone - the mission was clear; A st...

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9. Just a Man

I've seen the fire and I've seen rain; I've seen the fears of blood and pain; Imagination of a man; Shows me now now where I am; No easy way to look inside; Hearts made of steel, dressed to fight; No ...

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10. Land Of Gold

So here you are what a long way; Seeking a better better life; All you've heard of a place so grand; Appears to have finally come true; You start to wonder about the odd looks; Whispered words you don...

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