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1. Blind Hate

From the animosity deep within; Upraising while facing the overbearing; My illusions, gone with the wind; Can't fall asleep; Forgive them forgiving; Of their ideology; Which incited me; Of their relig...

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2. Bloody Butchery

Look out this false humanity; Greedy mass of lunatics; They cut a pitiful; Markets banks isn´t it beautiful? Nervously trading at the stock; Do I win or loose my dead capital? The nightmares which me ...

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3. Entombed In Chaos

Disorder, loss of structure - where am I; Chaos surrounds me no exit; Too many hints no orientation; Entombed in chaos of different believes; Christianity, murder, insanity; Killers of a free humanity...

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4. Mental Torture

I'm offended; My system's attacked; A black veil encases my soul; Mental torture - nasty minded; Wish I were blind; My eyes, shining blood; My heart, corroding blackness; My brain, destroying thoughts...

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5. Monolith

Blood, death, flesh; Killers are deceived by him; High turns are changing; He turns your focal; He turns your vision; You don' t see your focal; You don't feel; His soul; Soul got killed al lenght al ...

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6. Reflected Insanity

Rage set - Deep within; My mind's not free - captured by reality; Need to try - unrecognized; My anger grows - no lights shine to guide (me out of misery); Words, rage twist my mind; Wrath, path leadi...

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7. System Disease

Enter a world of pain; Where sorrow now reigns; Where they rule with iron rod; Odd! Odd! Odd! We're born in pain and live in sin; Choose your way and so your own decay; Fist up high for your rights! E...

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