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1. Everlasting Command

Blind in the sky; the blue of the life; weak, threathbare; I'll overthrow; My heand on my heart; My soul skill stand up; with my blothers completed; in darkness; everlasting the command; Command Everl...

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2. Holocausto Riot

Just some more alive; wounds, then I shall die; My heart still beating; eating the rage; and spiting blood; with torment. My age is lots of enemies; felt away. ; Alone in my mud; I'm the riot; Holocau...

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3. Infinitum Valet

Be alone and contemplating the meditation; in a spiritual space, where all is in order; the cosmicism of this enigma dances for me; in this existence of my being that is in disorder; The figures of th...

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4. Macabre Locus Celesta

With gray names written in my view; of black prosperity, in this melodic morass; all the essence of desolation cries for me; silently in this locus mopish; I'm kissed by the splendor of solitude, of s...

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5. Necrocommandments

Our fist are totally; without fear; Our fist are totally; without terror; And our heart is made of steel; with blood becoming venom; Proud I growl, and proud I feel; I hear those screams twisted; with...

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6. Repulsive Odor Of Descomposition

Awake of a trance - of putrid remains; The odor of decomposition; Brings back reality; Trapped in my coffin; I'll rise again; Feelings of necrophagia; Make my sorrows appear; A premature funeral; Star...

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7. Severance

I'm trying to liberate myself; from these chains of light breath; every time I'm stronger; and every time I draw more dark in the sky; From this tomb of flesh; again I can proclaim my open road; and I...

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