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1. C.a.m

Come on pretty baby blast me out os my head; Beautiful seduction really drives me mad; You smiled at me as you walked by in the pouring rain; I want, I wish, I hope that I will see you again; No one c...

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2. Cemetery Mud

Here I stand in the front of the eyes; Of the Ancient Ones lying underground; This monument has been risen in the; Loving memory of the sons and daughters; Having been caught by the claws of cholera; ...

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3. Chemical Good Mood

Live your lif in the fast lane; be self-destructive to forget the pain; using the chemical good mood; set your goal and shoot; total darkness and an ampty space; how the fuck did I and up in this plac...

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4. Desert

Here is my soul damned; Into the darkest cellar of hell, Your king blinded my eyes; And cut my body apart. ; Now I can not find; The light showing the way out. The ancient legacy of mine; Is devoured ...

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5. Fallen War

Killing grief calling; Me to be inside of; Your arcane fervor. I have no way; To run away; From this struggle stalling. I`m stuck in your mass, But deep down in my brain; I agree with the pain. ; Kill...

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6. Hell Of A Night

The night is falling; The sky is black; I feel something crawling; Sown the back of my neck; All what I'm asking; Is to watch my back; I keep the light on; Even when Im gone; I keep the light sining; ...

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7. Hell School

The bell is ringing, the kis are singing; The schoolyear starts today; They enter the classroom, entering their doom; It's the teatcher's first day; Parents, mind your kids; Cause teatcher is a bitch;...

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8. Motivation

What´s the drive behind your deeds? What fulfils your psycho needs? Bloodshot eyes and sweat and pain; You just did it all again; Kids in school they shout and swear; Because of the clothes you wear; ...

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9. Sharkbait

Drifiting on the sea; Everybody stares at me; They want to see me drown; See my body going down; They want to throw me for sharks; SHARKBAIT; The waves of blood are rushing near; They look at me full ...

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10. Sorry

Driving with my baby in the dark lonely night; We were still arguing, cause we just had a fight; She was the queen of the drag race that night; Driving her own machine right by my side; Driving to pla...

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11. Thumbscrew

We make music for the bastards; we play rock for the undead; we make noise for all thet's evil; we're the thumbscrew in your head; we preach evil to the holy; we're on a mission check it out; we're al...

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12. Unspeakable Cults

The river flows, the river flows; Nobody knows, nobody knows; Miscatonic, Miscatonic; Miscatonic, Miscatonic; Unausprechliche Kulten; Unausprechliche Kulten; Unausprechliche Kulten; Unausprechliche Ku...

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