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1. Angel Of Sorrow

Take me now take me away, Down into a cold dark grave. In silence she watches the cemetary, Etched in stone where our souls are buried. ; Forever here today tomorrow, Her monument the Angel of Sorrow....

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2. Cremation

Smoke and fire ashes of the dead, Fire disintegrates blood never bled. Set my tortured existence free, The children of the underworld only will see. ; Burn!!!!!! Cremation; Once a mortal man now I lie...

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3. I Hear You Calling

A white dove flys into my hand, I see my soul lost, lost in the sand. Day of darkness, day of judgment is calling, The hate in the world is growing stronger. Soon life will be no longer; I Hear You Ca...

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4. Into The Black

You come to me in my dreams; For your immortal life has left you; I hear your soul calling out in screams...the blackness of your eyes!!!!!!! Are you coming for my soul; Are you coming from the grave;...

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5. Path To Suicide

Saddend by a life that's bitter and frail, What once was strong lies cold and pale. To hate oneself no purpose in life, Slowly I bleed my wrists that I slice. ; Path To Suicide; Pain overwhelming bloo...

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6. Silent Funeral

I'm going away to where there is no pain, Nothing ventured nothing gained. My peace is there I know my worth, Buried benieth the cold dark earth. ; Silent Funeral; Im going away to where time stands s...

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7. The Last Sunset

As the sands of time; Run threw my hands now life has passed me by; Holding on to the memory of days gone by; Dark clouds have entered to me; For my life is gone now you see....the last sunset. ; Wher...

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8. Time Heals Nothing

Your sprit passes threw me like a cold breeze on a warm day, No physical being left to see, But I know you are with me. ; Time heals nothing!!!!!!!!!.....in me; I've gone to all the places you would b...

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