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1. Anthem Apocalypse

burning - i kill on demand; sweet .16 in my hand; await the command; closer - and closer by far; now i know who you are; the gemini scar; this is our world; this is our time; grab a gun / come on let'...

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2. Antichrist 3000

the fury five / dead not alive; cryogenic speak; electroshock / the slaughtered flock; now watch us hit our peak; one last goodbye / with snipers eyes; a winning murder smile; so neatly bound & gagged...

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3. Dead Boy Wonder

my time is gone it's been too long; ounces to tons i'm not that strong; the visions bleak / the vision's pale; a losers streak that's born to fail; bring it on / bring me down; scar the face of the cl...

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4. Firewire

out of the flames; burned black from shame; we rule again; no need to hide; the purest pride; we kill again; whatever's lost - at any cost; we claim our ground; what blood may spill; the perfect kill;...

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5. Linking Shadows

call murder one; what's done is done; god's fallen son; the nowhere man; i know you can; dead masterplan; draw one thru one; what's done is done; now it's all gone; last call to kill; i know you will;...

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6. Silicon Karma

the last decision; just couldn't fail; in an icebox prison; too blue to set the sails; from out of nowhere; they came around; then what do you care; if i'm above or beneath the ground; it just can't s...

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7. Sunset Grace

call to remember; dark december; falling flat; sure went down like that; ain't the way i see it; ain't nothing 'bout it; coming down of the ground; you know it never disappears; 'cause the truth is ou...

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8. Union Of The Rats

it's always finders keepers; this moves too slow; down with the crawly creepers; what you borrow you owe; - now here we go -; set the pace / set the tone; the stangest thing; you've ever known; nothin...

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