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1. Blood On Blood

You are washing dry blood of your hands; You have waited so long for the revenge; At the mirror a blank face; Time to see you will be deranged; Time to see you are going down; Trying to be free; No! Y...

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2. Dreams

Today I felt I'm living with my fears; Weariness is turning to my tears; Yesterday has gone; I cannot carry more; What if I begin to disappear; Sometimes I feel I was in a cage; Sometimes I feel I cou...

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3. For Amadeus

Confutatis maledictis, Flammis acribus addictis, Voca me cum benedictis

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4. Life

The life it seems to be undefined; Possesses you; Holds you down in the dark; The winds of the dawn are still too far; "Life" torments you; Makes you cry in the night; Is there anybody listening? Or a...

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5. Men Made Of Iron

Dropped into the middle of fire, Don't know where to run, where to hide, where to pray; Drowned in deep fear; When the bullets fly above your head; Afraid of the merciless fight; You can hardly breath...

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6. Set Me Free

You're trying to rule my life but I won't let you anymore; You're trying to rip my heart but I will take yours much before; Indenpence what I'm fighting ever for; You're going to be the las what I've ...

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7. Winding Road

There you stood all night long; You've got a bad temtation; First time you touched and you sealed my heart; Beyond imagination; I thought you were only one; Maybe it's true; I felt you were chosen one...

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