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1. A Sign Far Beyond

There's not a way around it; We're no longer one ahead; As we fall into a world; Of endless doubt and constant worry; Losing all our senses; As the sky is turning gray; How can all these things we kno...

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2. Forever Unbound

Call me an unbeliever, maybe a skeptical; I just can't understand what seems to be above us all; Some people preach of glory, seeking a mystical; Why won't they realize the dream they seek controls th...

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3. Leaving All Behind

Lost all alone and bound for nowhere; With no thought nor aim to find; Your choices made, decisions hollow; And forced into your mind; In darkness you wander; Abound in an empty endless night; Forever...

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4. Never Again

Early on there came a time when I was facing; A turning point in life; So many years I tried to find it; Thinking not of what is left to see in the future; Take another chance to find; That fading lig...

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5. No Chances Lost

We're all off to meet our maker; And I know we won't go far; If there's a chance at life, it's not in sight; When you watch the world go dark; When you take a chance and you throw it up; If you watch ...

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6. Releasing The Shadow

Into the darkness with sickness we fall; On mental quest fought for one and for all; To seek deceiver, release the lie; Dissolve the spread now, for real truth we find; The man in black at the end of ...

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7. Seen Through Time

On the dark and blue horizon; Beyond the realms of land; About the edge of time; There showed a shape of wonder; With sheering course of might; And true revealing light; Feeling it's force drive me cl...

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8. Travellers (Ft. Valerie Warntz)

you were in my wildest dreams; of distant lands and seas; pictures, charms and souvenirs; are all that's left to keep; And I waited all my life; for this moment to arrive; but now it feels; so out of ...

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9. Wakening

Hard I have fallen for a lost illusion; Running through my head; Coming to me in a waking dream; Was a sight I won't forget; In the vision there's an open sea; Where in isolation lies; A secret haven ...

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