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1. Concealed Torment

1; I saw her and hoped to die; Pain and shame had already fallen over me; I couldn't stand how could she do it for me; Maybe this all is only nightmare in my dreams; Chorus;; When the day turns to nig...

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2. Evil's Grasp

Verse 1:; I walk by a road; Only sadness in my soul; I am full this poise; Until I hear a voice; It gain strenght and I cry; I can't see with my eyes; There is no sense to lie; I am blind until I die....

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3. Farewell After All

Introduction; You are always in my heart; I could never let you to go without a tear; It's hard to say I can't get you; I haven't ever understood you; So completely that I could be there just for you;...

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4. No Repetance For

You are going towards to the emptiness; No return, no faith for save; Your soul is so severely fast to me; I could do whatever for you; Bridge; I'm not ready to lie; You can't choose do you wanna live...

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5. Pain Overload

No matter how the others think, because you care only about yourself; Take a rope and do what you should have done long time ago; It's hard, you are so close to me, but you have done your final move; ...

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6. Ready To Hang

Sweet disorder, entering here; I enjoy, I want to receive human fear; Chaotic mess, doors open to anarchy; The doors to my kingdom see my monarchy; So I hate, it gains my strength; So I feel the joy, ...

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7. Remedy For Grief

Verse 1; There is much fake inside; Before you can sense it is behind; Even you try to save from char; It is already in your brains; Bridge; Nothing is remaind from this pain; All things just disappea...

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8. Running Thru The Shadows

Verse 1; It's a midnight I close my eyes, Facing the fears I try to hide; It's not a dream what I feel, this must be real; The door is open and I am gone, You can hear the crying on the wall; There is...

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9. Shattered

Can you tell me? What the fuck do you see? There is nothing much to say; Just push the button 'play'! These spirals in my head; And voices every where; Sense of humour is gone; I'm losing my mind; Giv...

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10. Significant Decision

1; Why have we come here from unknown place; No one knows where leads the way we go; There is somebody who resolves us; Someone who has power; We know the right way to live; But we never could be perf...

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11. Wavering Existence

Verse:; I don't know where do we go from here; Time slides on, explanation is somewhere here; Bridge:; Why can't you say it straight, we don't have so much time; To wait till judgement day, when we al...

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