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1. Keep Your Religion

Keep your religions away from me; I don't need to pray, I won't believe; Religion, faith words for the fools; I am the one that makes the rules; Deny their salvation won't give in; You write your own ...

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2. Merciless Attack

Hatescreams surround the air; Hatebreed born in blood; Anger is a way of life; Getting fighting back; Red eyes blazing; Knives shine in the dark; Come to the realm where shadows rule; The soul of man;...

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3. Mind's Cells

Inside my mind too many cells trapped me alive; I can't escape this jail of mind It buries me inside; The box of white containing me keeps outside voice behind; This premise shall never die it leads m...

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4. The Altar

Night is falling all around is dark; Into the temple of evil; There will be a sacrifice; Can't you see the light up the candles; The temple is getting prepared; A girl tonight will meet with death; Th...

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5. The Loser

Days pass but nothing's gained; Burnt my soul and throw it all away; Here I am standing all alone; My only pleasure lies in your thoughts; Behind a smile I hide my tears; But it is fake and disappears...

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