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1. Crushin' My Fairytale

The doctor told me that I'm just needy; No, no he can't help me; Nothing will, until you do; One day you'll save me; Instead of faking; But for now I'm waiting; Until I'm good enough for you; But I'm ...

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2. Nobody Knows

Mama's in a corner crying; Daddy is upset 'cause he's out of; Work again; We don't care, we just keep on; Pretending; 'cause nobody here seems to feel; The need to complain; We're all made of the same...

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3. Run, Run, Run

All is fair in love and war; But all I do is love you more; Our love is crazy, unhealthy; But I can't keep from you baby; So you said "Why even bother? Set this love, set me on fire"; How I wish you'd...

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