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1. Be Yourself (parts 1 E 2)

You're not all alone; On the outside looking in can be so lonely; Just remenber; You're not the one and only; Let nobody tell you want to do; You've got to live your life and see it through; Keep on l...

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2. Dirtyfilthy

The party; Just got started; And the dancefloor; Is full; The children are living; And the music just keeps on giving; This type of groove; Makes us want to move; Can you feel it? Ah come on! Can you ...

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3. Music Is The Answer

Dancing; And prancing; Grooving; Keep on moving; Flying; Stop your crying; Choosing; While you cruising; Music is the answer; To your problems; Keep on moving; Then you can solve them; If you feel; Th...

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4. The Underground

Let me take you on a trip, just a simple journey, A journey full of sound and beats, One that will lead you down, way down, To the underground, i said the underground, Where your body begins to trembl...

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