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1. As Far As The Eye Can See

As I went out to see my old love one more time, I thought again; Of all the times we had to talk about our deeds, but we failed; I've given most of my time to a job and to mundanities; And now, it's l...

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2. Back In The House

It's so nice to see you again; See you again in that pretty blue gown; It's so nice to feel you again; To hear the voice that was so well known; ref. Oh, what a feeling; Waiting for her 'til she's com...

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3. Black Smoke

One day, you came and told us of a threat to the fatherland; You said the enemy was strong and said that you needed all hands; I never heard of anything that sounded like what you mean; So I don't und...

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4. December

It's all over; I'm free at last; From the snakepit; From the slaughter; ref. Struck by lightning; It's all over; Your poison kiss; Sure I won't miss; Your shit, thank God; It's all over; ref. ; You ru...

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5. Drinklied

Laat ons maar drinken, tonnenklinkers; en laat ons zien reuze vlinders; dan ook roze olifanten; en laat ons de sterren raken; Alleen dronken is een man vrij; Alleen een bier maakt een man blij; Zo dat...

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6. Emerald

Emerald, sleeps so tight; When we'll rise, we will fly... ; Will we find our way home, no one's able to know; Will we still see the sun and the sea as it flows; Will there still be something to cling ...

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7. Homecoming

Oh, I've done you wrong father; It's clear I have been; Such an ungrateful son; It is clear I have sinned; But now I'm back and again I'm your son; Now I am back and you don't need to frown; And I kno...

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8. Iona

All my days were sad until morn'; All my days were nights until dawn; Dawn you brought with your starry eyes; Dawn you brought, it did burn my heart; ref. And I don't know how much more I can bleed; W...

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9. L'esprit de Famille

Mon grand-père ronflait si fort; Que les murs en tremblent encore; Ca va beaucoup mieux depuis; Qu'il fait la sieste au fond du puits; Mon frère a une grosse voiture; Qui saccage la nature; Les petite...

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10. Rodney's Glory

On the day that I die, I will surely go to Hell; For I drank a lot of pints and loved a lot of women; But whatever may happen, I won't bow down in shame; Won't wipe the smile off my face; On the day t...

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11. Ship Of Fools

All you people, can't you see; What is tied can never be free; The more you talk of liberty; The less you've got it, plain to see; So you console yourself; With the pain of someone else; But it's as c...

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12. Sweet Thing

When I first met you, I was nothing, not at all; Then you came and everything turned into a pretty dream; For you did what you had to, you did all that I expected; What was wrong, you put right, what ...

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13. Tout Va Bien

Tout va bien, on peut dormir, dormir à poings fermés; Nos jardins sont fleuris, nos maisons verrouillées; Tout est calme et frais, le repas est prêt; Ca sent si bon ici, rien ne vaut la famille; La jo...

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14. When The Morning

A child is born in a loveless world; What a life will he lead? Poor and cursed by fate and law; And no shoes on his feet; And it's so hard to be free; It's such a sad place to be; And when the morning...

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