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1. (I'm Gonna) Kick You Out

I am what I am; in the back and beyond; A man with a fork in the world of soup; maybe all this time you've take me for a fool; But now I know what I have to do; Gonna kick you out and let the sun shin...

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2. One Good Night

I'm not gonna ruin it tonight, I don't wanna spoil nobodys fun; I'll try to act like it's allright; And I'll try to look like nothing's wrong; But one good night don't really change a thing; One good ...

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3. Sort It Out

I wanna smoke crack; cause you never coming back; I wanna shoot speedballs; put my head against the wall; I wanna sniff glue; cause I cant get over you; Am I gonna sort it out; Am I gonna sort it out;...

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