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1. Confortable Silence

I'm not good with distractions; I lose my chain of action; Girls lead me astray; So cinematic the poses they pull; Reminds me of stars of yesterday; Oh so very far away, Not so far now; Oh-oh-oh-woa-o...

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2. Poor Innocent Boys

You really let the family down; You almost ruined their name; Your father's so disappointed; Your sister feels the same; and now the neighbors are talking; eyes down underneath their breathe; your mot...

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3. Somebody, Somewhere

And love; Is a terrible thing; It can tear; A good soul apart; Beware; Of what it can bring; Who knows; What it can start; I wanna live like the animals live; I've got, love to give and no-one to call...

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4. To Cut A Long Story Short

Soldier is turning; See him through white light; Running from strangers; See you in the valley; War upon war, heat upon heat; To cut a long story short I lost my mind; Sitting on a park bench; Years a...

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5. We're Just The Same

she's looking at a picture she painted of herself; she feels so very different now she's trying to forget; some things won't ever change unless you want them to; and other ones will change without you...

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