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1. Circulation

At The Beginning there was light; We saw the world outside; Cut off from the feeding hand'; Our eyes could see; Our ears could hear; Our hands could feel; Existence clears; Red is the blood; Pumping i...

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2. Downfall Of Present

(Solo: Jens); Humanity; Is Hard To Find; Sacrifice; You Leave The Blind In Pain; In Pain; Charity; Isn't Worth A Dime; Avarice; Leads The People Into The Circle Of Crime; Of Crime; Chorus:; Wait; Some...

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3. Human Scorn

Awakened By Sunlight; The Fear Of The Darkness Disappears; Scorn Terrifies The Might; As Man's Traces Reappear; Walking In Crowded Streets; Waiting Till Your Working Hours Finished; Raped By Human See...

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4. Never Again

Are you awake can't you see; In these days are some fascistic tendencies; They have become mighty; Many young people are influenced; Look at Rostock, everywhere; Many fascists attack without care; The...

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5. Reflections Of My Life

Often thinking; Remembering the past; Ain't I superfluous; Why am I weary of life; Can't anyone help me; Depressions of the past; Free your mind 'try to see; For sure there's a way out; What will futu...

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6. They'll Rise Again

The time is right; For what for? To rise again'! Out of their caves and holes they come; Slaying the free; They're possessed in brain; With the cross of death; They'll rise you'll see; Bridge:; Don't ...

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7. When a Nation Fails

I tell and promise you; What you want to hear; Listen to me my words are the truth; Peace and freedom I will bear; You�'ll getting promoted if you follow me; Without using your brain; With your help; ...

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