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1. All Is Well And Good

Spare some change; he begs; but by no means does he sound desperate; with his hand out and his head down; he looks only half expecting; say's his makeshift marquis "Anything will help"; All is well an...

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2. The Siren's Seduction

So why don't you shed your skin? Recoil back into your den! And when you leave fifteen drops of venom in my veins; Don't look so innocent! I see your seething fangs! But what, what's that sound?! (Get...

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3. We Could Love

verse:; I could say love was created, with you in mind; (with you in mind, with you in mind); Originated for your beautiful faces; But you hide in the; most desperate places, (you hide in the; most de...

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4. Who's There

And I fear I; Idealize you; To Death; Dare I speak, dare I speak? And I am weary; Under the weight; Of all the things I could say; I move; You told, you told me to. Making me not too sure; Take a step...

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