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1. Just Because

Ever since you moved on; I don't know where I belong; My past has found its way; in; But to tell you the truth; I'm not me without you; Too late for us to; begin; I know, I know you know we're both al...

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2. Madison

She was mine for a minute; I had her all to myself; there was no line; my head; was spinning; around all the things she wanted to sell; she took my hand; I; gave in; no need to take a stand; when we'r...

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3. Out Of My Mind

I stop and I think about; The life I could live without; Watching another, follow the other; Blind faith, that's the way it is; These days how did it come; to this; Born in the eighties made me crazy;...

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4. Thrill

I never knew that this would hurt; The way it does, you were the first. To make me fall and realize; That life goes goodbye. ; Was it good, good for you? Did you did you get what, what you wanted to? ...

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