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1. Jenny Lynne

Jenny Lynne it's wet outside; As drops of Washington cloud my million dollar view; This place where I last kissed you; You're not missing that much back at home; But home is missing you; I am missing ...

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2. Mayday! Mayday!

Mayday! Mayday! I guess with time things just get better; But if we're lucky they'll stay the same; You'll never come around and I will never change; With summer plans wrapped around my neck; It break...

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3. No One's Watching

Bada Bop Bop Ba; Dancing bossa nova; Our pulses left us long ago; And cadences are taking over; Some day I hope to find that dress; I though I knew she loved so much; But I can't help believing such a...

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4. Oh, The Irony

I put my life on hold; For the thought of what we had; And could've been; And then something changed in you; I counted years gone down the drain; I always though we'd make it through; Why didn't you? ...

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5. Saturn

Lights die; Fireside; Sit next to me (our open hearts speak freely); Flames cast; These shadows; Hold on you'll see; Take my hand fly with me; Fly with me; Slow down; It's not time; Patience is key (w...

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6. Stop The Time

The lifeless parts of me seem to be alive; You've inspired me to be a better person all around; I bet you have no idea how much that means to me; A kiss from you would be an honest answer; Stop the ti...

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7. Try For Me

I'm being lead by a mind so simple; It takes a lot of me; Am I the paint? Are you the stencil? It takes a lot of me; Displaying all the words you write in me; Am I the parchment? Are you the pencil? W...

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8. What Good Intentions Are

You're the hardest person to approach; You intimidate me so much; But i'm so caught up in translations; I can't interpret the words you won't spit out; Too much chasing you has worn me; Down to nothin...

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