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1. Bloodsucking Fiends

Breaks your body and destroys your soul; consumes your life, creates false goals; that you don't want but you feel you need; bullshit achievements fueled by greed; punch the clock; work for shit; punc...

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2. Dead To The World

Slower than cancer; but faster than rust; corroding memories; and decaying trust; future visions grow sour; life's flesh is devoured; all love is forgotten; and all faith is lost; dead to the world; d...

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3. Destructive And Desperate

Destructive and desperate; what will it take; what needs to happen to make you see; that you're killing yourself; and destroying me. by destroying; yourself... you're killing me; this self destructive...

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4. Fear

Suck distorted minds; twisted and abused; no feelings except hate; ill tempered short fused; negative intentions; destructive plot; violent tendencies; and deranged thought; frozen eyes coldly staring...

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5. No Love

My head is tied in knots; I'm trying to be something I'm not; I'm fooling myself which way to go; my true feelings I don't know; banging my head against a wall; backing myself into a corner; close my ...

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6. Strangled By Progress

Rich fuck suburb housing plans; root out sending them on the run; less and less room; strangled by progress; overpopulation; same population; vinyl siding and car port walls; are closing in; hundreds ...

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