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1. Eternal Buried

1000 years ago, still laying there deep in the swamp. Once a human, now a dead one, everything remains; The traces of violence still seen there. Conserved forever in his cold and wet tomb; Beaten, str...

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2. Hateful

You are my captive; In my abbey of evil; I'm the agressor; Your personal pain; Accountable is your fear; For my affinity to kill; My absolution of hate; Get`s new dimensions; I fuck your soul; Torment...

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3. Perverted Beast

I like the smell of undead wome; A rotten virgina I want to lick; I make your afterlife to horror; Torment and cock terror I give; Sick sexual phantasies; Controlls my mind; Domination over the dead; ...

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4. Pointless

I lost a part of my own identity; Drifting into fields of unreality; Society tought me to hate; Alone with my failed fate; Pointless!!! There is no justice for me; No justice in me; Cause I`m my worst...

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5. Severed Heads Dripping

I saw their bodies hanging from above, twisted and maimed; Blood dripps on the ground. From this countless hanging bodies; Body liquid clothed on the wall a carnage has been done. ; I carve every sing...

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6. Stench Of Decay

Death and war for religion; Massacres all over the world; In the name of a fucking god; Religious blindness a reason for; Endless never ending hate; Fanaticsm propagate your; Own ritual death; Bombing...

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